Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum



Blackwell Rum is the brainchild of Chris Blackwell, an international music icon, entrepreneur and cultural pioneer. With his music label, Island Records, Chris brought the best of Jamaican reggae and rock music to the world.

Now he has collaborated with renowned advertising guru, Richard Kirshenbaum, to bring you the finest rum made from Jamaican sugar cane and distilled by Jamaican workers. His reputation and lifestyle are the inspiration behind the brand, and he is proud to offer the best Jamaica has to offer.

Chris hails from one of its oldest merchant families, the Lindo family, who first came to Jamaica in 1625. His grandfather owned J. Wray & Nephew—renowned for distilling the best rum on the island. Chris continues in the family tradition with the introduction of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum, developed from his own recipe.

Chris loves Jamaica and savors the best parts. He believes in the product he's sharing with the world. His reputation and lifestyle inspired the brand – in many ways, Blackwell Rum is the essence of Jamaica.

A portion of all sales goes to Island ACTS (Assisting Communities Toward Strength), an organization which helps better the local community.

Dark Rum | 40% ABV | 750ml | Jamaica

90% of 100
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